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Our integrated placement, consultancy and advisory work sets ABWAB apart

Tailored Fundraising Approach
Our strategy is centered on long-term partnerships with the aim of developing their businesses in a fashion that maximizes their sustained success over the long-term.At the core of the firm lies a robust set of shared values underpinning the reputation of the team as trusted advisors and partners who continually search for additional value in each transaction or fundraising in which the firm is involved

Tailored Fundraising Approach
We specialize in raising private equity placements, ranging from fund placements; direct one-off, single-asset and portfolio


financings, and entity-level equity placements, where a joint-venture or preferred equity partner is desired as well as placing structured finance and distressed debt products. The hallmarks of our service are alignment with client interests, independence, creativity and confidentiality

Solutions-orientated placement

A process-driven firm with extensive investor relationships, ABWAB develops the optimal solutions for our clients' ever-changing capital needs. In addition to raising capital expeditiously , ABWAB adds significant value at every stage of the fundraising process, including the provision of detailed pre-marketing strategies, due diligence co-ordination, provision of market insight as well as positioning and terms negotiations


The team considers its broad network of investors to lie at the heart of the firm's strategy and greatly values the close relationships and differentiated dialogue forged over the past few years with each individual. The firm has a thorough knowledge of, and established relationships with European, Middle Eastern, Asian and North American Investors and interacts with them on its clients' behalf in an independent and confidential manner.